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Trading Routine Checklist: Post-Market Edition

Optimize your evening trading routine with our essential Post-Market Checklist.

1. Daily Trading Routine Debrief

Your end-of-day review is a mirror reflecting the decisions made. This checklist ensures you stay true to your strategy and learn from the day's actions.

Trade Execution Review:

  • Did my trades align with my strategy?
  • Which trades deviated from my plan, and why?

Performance Analysis:

  • What were my win/loss ratios today?
  • How did my emotional state impact my trading decisions?

Journaling and Reflection:

  • What did I learn from today's trading session?
  • How can I adjust my plan to improve tomorrow's outcomes?

2. Market Conditions Analysis Routine

Understanding the day's market pulse sets the foundation for tomorrow's trading decisions. Use this checklist to gauge the environment accurately.

Leader Performance Evaluation:

  • How did market leaders perform today?
  • What does their performance indicate about current trends?

Market Sentiment and Price Action:

  • Were there unexpected shifts in market sentiment?
  • Did any sectors or stocks show surprising price action?

Sector Trend Analysis:

  • Which sectors are gaining or losing, and why?
  • Are there new trends emerging that I should be aware of?

3. Holdings Adjustment

Reflecting on and adjusting your current holdings is crucial. This checklist helps in managing your risk and optimizing your portfolio.

Exposure Assessment:

  • Is my current exposure level appropriate for today's market conditions?
  • What adjustments are needed to align with my risk tolerance?

Position Updates:

  • Do my stop-losses need to be adjusted?

4. Leader Tracking in Your Trading Routine

Monitoring the market's top performers can provide insight into the broader market's movements. Keep these questions in your checklist for a quick review.

Growth Stock Tracking:

Exposure Evaluation Based on Leaders:

5. Next-Day Trading Plan Checklist

A hand drawing the word focus as part of a trading routine on a white board.

End your day by setting the stage for tomorrow. This checklist ensures you have actionable plans ready to execute.

Actionable Watchlist Creation:

  • What stocks are showing potential for tomorrow's session?
  • Are my entry, exit, and stop-loss levels clearly defined for these stocks?

Aggressiveness Gauge:

  • Based on today's analysis, how aggressive should my trading be tomorrow?
  • What if-then scenarios have I prepared for different ways the market may open?

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Frequently Asked Questions

A post-market trading routine should include a trade execution review, market conditions analysis, risk reassessment, leader tracking, and planning for the next day.

By creating a watchlist and defining trade parameters, you ensure your trading routine is proactive, setting you up for potential success.

Use a checklist to compare each trade against your strategy, document emotional influences, and analyze performance metrics as part of your routine.

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