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Meet the TraderLion team

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Ross Haber

Ross graduated from the University of Florida School of Business in 1994. He has a unique approach to trading, one that combines both technical and fundamental analysis. He has over 20 years of experience in the markets, managing large portfolios across many different ventures.

One of Ross' most notable tenures was with William O'Neil, as he worked as a Portfolio Manager from '98-2001. During this time span, he and 9 others would take $15 million to over $850 million.

Ross always had a passion for helping others improve in the market, and he found a perfect fit with Rai and the rest of the TraderLion team.

The unmatched combination of Ross’ experience, paired with Rai's simplified and cutting-edge strategies, has created an environment where success just happens. We are proud to work together as a team to bring such performance numbers to our members.

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Rai has achieved an incredible three-year performance of over 1,100% (2020-present). His initial interest in trading was sparked by his father, who was actively involved with personal mutual funds. Rai began trading his and his father's money in 2009, not finding any consistency in results until 2014 (5 years later!).

During that 5-year span, Rai bounced back and forth from a focus on fundamentals to an extreme focus on technicals. Throughout this process, he learned how to simplify his strategies and built the foundations that contribute to TraderLion's system.

Rai’s outstanding performance over the past 3 years is a combination of a solidified approach, repeated daily, along with great mentorship coming from our very own Ross Haber. Between the two of them, they offer a combined 35 years of market experience.

We would be remiss to leave out that in 2017, Rai met Nick & Ross, and later that year the three went on to incorporate TraderLion as we know it today.

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Richard Moglen

Richard’s passion for trading and the stock market began in college in early 2019 when he took an Honors Seminar taught by Dr. Eric Wish about CANSLIM Investing. After taking the class he became a T.A. for the next few years and started his Youtube channel to teach risk-focused stock trading and investing.

He has interviewed over 100 Market Wizards, Hedge Fund Managers, and experienced traders and is the host of the TraderLion Podcast and Annual Trading Conference.

Richard’s goal is to help traders from both beginners to advanced improve their systems and performance in the markets.

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Nick Schmidt

Nick Schmidt is an investor with over 10 years of experience in the market. Since 2017, Nick has been focusing his efforts on providing the best educational material for investors/traders.

His vision for TraderLion started with fellow co-founder Rai, and has since turned into the leading platform for trading education.

Nick's approach to trading is simple – focus on educating traders with a keen eye toward risk management and psychology. His experience and dedication to TraderLion have enabled him to create a community of traders and investors of over 5000+ people who are passionate about the markets.

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