Trading is not easy, but it can be simple.

Direct wisdom from Stan Weinstein in a self-paced masterclass. Understand and apply over 55 years of market expertise. No more guesswork in trading—just proven strategies to identify and act on market stages.

“We’ve been working hard to create an A+ course that shares the lessons I’ve learned over my 55-year trading career.” — Stan Weinstein

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What's inside of the Masterclass?

5 lessons dedicated to introducing you to Stan and how he developed this system. We also discuss how to best approach taking this course to get the maximum benefit.

5 lessons and a challenge that begins diving into the material and discussing the foundational concepts necessary to work through the rest of the course.

5 lessons and a challenge that focuses on the overall market cycle and understanding the nuances that separate the four stages.

This is a crucial part of the Stage Analysis System and Stan will be sharing the specific price and volume characteristics he uses to classify and sort opportunities.

6 lessons and a challenge where Stan will be going into the details of his Forest to the Trees Approach and will discuss his routines to find the best opportunities in the market.

This three-step approach will allow you to, regardless of market conditions, determine which stocks to focus on and how to handle them.

6 lessons and a challenge that dives even deeper into the specific price and volume characteristics that Stan looks for to find the diamonds in the rough.

These concepts are essential to learn in order to be able to focus on the A+ setups and manage them correctly.

7 lessons and 1 challenge. Stan covers the nuances of the subject that many traders and investors struggle with how to manage positions. This is potentially the most valuable out of all the modules.

Stan extensively discusses risk, position, and overall portfolio management.
He covers how to trade around positions and when to sell both into strength as well as into weakness.

5 lessons and 1 challenge. This module dives even deeper into the specific price and volume characteristics that Stan looks for to find the diamonds in the rough.

These concepts are essential to learning in order to be able to focus on the A+ setups and manage them correctly.

6 lessons and 1 challenge. At the core of Stan’s system lies both Market and Sector analysis. This is a crucial component that allows Stan to stay on top of long-term, intermediate-term, and short-term trends and position accordingly.

Stan goes into detail about the specific indicators and processes he uses to determine these trends and how he trades/invests in response.

3 lessons and 1 challenge. This module provides insight into Stan’s day-to-day and week-to-week routines that have allowed him to achieve considerable success in the markets.

In addition, Stan discusses the proper mindset and outlook that market players must have to find success over the long term.

No system is complete without rules and methods to execute it with discipline and confidence. Stan discusses how to do just that and handle the mental aspect of this “game.

3 lessons and 1 challenge. Module 9 brings everything together. Stan will discuss how all the pieces of the puzzle combine to form a winning system.

He will leave you with important lessons that he has learned over the course of 55+ years in the market.

Chart Packs of Stage 1,2,3,4 and Full cycle charts.

The last module is dedicated to training your eyes and testing your knowledge. We are including extensive chart books with dozens and dozens of examples of the Stage Analysis system put into practice.

Study these charts carefully, annotate them yourself, and you will be well on your way to becoming an expert in Stage Analysis. Through careful study, you will be setting yourself up for success and ready for every future market cycle that you will experience.

The full archive of hours of Stan explaining the nuances of Stage Analysis & answering questions.

Bonus Indicators and a Q&A with Stan

Bonus Tools

… Plus some tools to help you simply
make more money.

We give you practical tools to help you apply what you learn even after you graduate.

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Stan's Scans

Specific screens designed to identify the best opportunities using the Stage Analysis methodology. Find the best stocks to buy with accuracy and consistency.

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Stan's Indicators

Learn and use the same indicators Stan puts on his charts so he never misses a money-making opportunity.

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Exclusive guides designed to emphasize the key points of Stan's System. Complete with graphics and examples as visual reminders.

Unlock a World of Opportunity with the Stage Analysis Masterclass

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  • Exclusive Insights from Stan Weinstein: Access wisdom directly from the trading legend in hours of video lectures.
  • Proven Strategies: Learn techniques that have shaped the success of countless professional traders.
  • A Comprehensive Knowledge Base: Equip yourself with meticulously crafted notes, real-world case studies, and strategic charts.
  • Lifetime Access: Your learning never stops. Revisit the material anytime, and get access to all future updates.
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“Stan Weinstein' level-headed approach will help any investor profit during what is probably going to be a very difficult period for the financial markets. Stan and his Professional Tape Reader are a class act. I've learned more from them about technical analysis than from any other investment advisory service.”
Bill Griffith

“Simply stated, this is the best damn opus on technical analysis that this reviewer has ever had the pleasure to peruse. It should be a core holding in every investment library.”
Peter Du Bois

“Stan Weinstein has put his technical wisdom about the market into terms that every individual investor can profit from.”
Myron Kandel
Financial Editor

“Savvy and informed…..Stan Weinstein is a force to be reckoned with.”
Dan Dorfman
USA Today

Frequently Asked Questions

Stage Analysis is a trading technique developed by Stan Weinstein, an expert in technical analysis and a highly respected figure in the world of stock trading. His methodology has been praised by industry professionals for its effectiveness in various market conditions.

Stan Weinstein's Stage Analysis helps traders avoid common mistakes by providing a structured approach to market analysis and decision-making. By focusing on market stages, traders can minimize losses from premature entries or exits and avoid chasing trends that have already run their course.