Learn from Legendary Traders

An in-depth masterclass with market historian John Boik that will significantly transform your understanding of the financial markets.

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Ever Felt Like History Repeats Itself?

Travel back in time with John Boik to uncover the lessons market legends learned themselves. This masterclass will fuel your passion for market data, ignite the trading wizard within you, and unveil the intricacies behind monster stocks and market cycles.

Meet John Boik: Your Time-Traveling Market Historian

John Boik, a market historian with decades of stock market wisdom etched in his brain, is your expert guide through a past fueled by the most unique market analysis you’ll ever experience.

“Study The Past So You Can Profit In The Future”


Years of market cycles analyzed.


Monster stocks


Special Guests


Page Textbook


Mind blown

Exclusive Appearances by Modern Legendary Traders

Including Hedge Fund Manager Jim Roppel and Oliver Kell, US Investing Champion & Record Holder who returned a confirmed 941% in a single year.

10 Extensive Webinars

Legendary Traders, Monster Stocks, and Market Cycles

Introduction, Overview, Legendary Traders Part 1

Legendary Traders Part 2 & Other Great Traders

Featuring IBD's Amy Smith

Modern Legendary Traders & Commonalities

Featuring US Investing Champion Oliver Kell & Portfolio Manager Eve Boboch

Monster Stock Templates & New Highs/New Lows

Featuring Portfolio Managers Roy & Wes Mattox & Matt Caruso

Historic Cycles & Monster Stocks 1900 – 1940s

Historic Cycles & Monster Stocks 1950 – 1970s

Featuring Dr. Eric Wish

Historic Cycles & Monster Stocks 1980 – 1990s

Featuring Hedge Fund Manager Jim Roppel

Historic Cycles & Monster Stocks 2000 – 2010s

Featuring Hedge Fund Manager Jim Roppel

Historic Cycles & Monster Stocks 2020 – Present

Featuring Portfolio Manager Rai & Hedge Fund Manager Jim Roppel

Putting It All Together, Trading Psychology

Are you ready to be a part of something legendary?

Ever felt déjà vu watching the stock market? Learn how history can make you a seasoned investor. Unlock the secrets behind historical cycles and trends to capitalize on future market movements.




Limited Time Only

  • 10 Webinars
  • Workbooks & Homework chart challenges
  • Rare charts previously not available to the public
  • 230 Page Textbook
  • 8 Special Guests
  • Lifetime Access

Bonus: Over 2 Decades of Dedicated Market Analysis

20+ years of dedicated historical market research consolidated into an extensive 230-page PDF textbook.

Historical Analysis Masterclass Ebook

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, each webinar has been recorded and archived inside the Masterclass for life.