Trading Psychology Masterclass

Overcome the frustrating mental blocks that keep your trading from reaching the next level.

You’ve come to this page because you want simple, step-by-step instructions on how to turn your trading psychology around and start making money. That’s why we teamed up with Jared Tendler to create the Trading Psychology Masterclass.

Simple, proven methods for overcoming your biggest trading problems.

What if you could skip all the trial and error and go straight to the best trading psychology techniques? That’s exactly what we do in this masterclass – so that you can start making more money immediately.

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Execute your next trade with confidence.

Understand why you are losing and how to fix it. The most powerful traders are aware of the role their mental game plays in their success and they have the strategies in place to overcome their shortcomings.

Trading Psychology Confidence

In this Masterclass, Jared will show you how to:

If you’re serious about taking your trading to the next level, this Masterclass is for you.

Jared's system simply works

"Working with Jared was an exceptional experience. He has helped me overcome mental roadblocks that held me back for years. The sessions with Jared brought my trading performance to a whole new level"
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Alex Raguz
Institutional Trader
" Jared's work is groundbreaking because it gives you an actual model to implement. This is a huge differentiator. As you evolve as a trader, you'll learn more about yourself and your own individual challenges. Once you have the framework in place, it will always be there for you. This can be applied to any performance field."
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Chris Duhanci
Independent Trader
"Jared Tendler has consulted to my team and me since 2016. He has played a critical role to help stack probability in favor of success for my organization and me. I feel enlightened with crystal clear thoughts after each session. He is a world-class outlier bringing substantial value and driving elite performance through his transfer of knowledge."
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Matt Elliott
Professional Horse Better, Edge Stackers Founder

Having a concrete system matters


Believe that psychology plays an important role in trading


Can see when emotions effect their decision making


Have a concrete strategy to manage their emotions

The Trading Psychology Masterclass is the best way to take control of your trading and start making money.

What you get:

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This course is for you if you are not making the progress you want in trading. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to make money in the markets but doesn’t know how to get past the mental blocks that are holding them back from success. Regardless of your experience level, this is designed to give you a complete and sustainable system for eliminating trading errors for good.