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Featuring Jared Tendler, MS, LMHC

Jared Tendler’s clients include hundreds of institutional & independent traders , World Champion poker players , and several PGA Tour top competitors. 

16+ years experience in Mental Coaching

Coached thousands of high-performing clients

You have the technical skills but you… keep making the same mistakes

  • Hesitating on entries
  • Exiting trades too early
  • Chasing too late
  • Talking yourself out of good trades

You know better but… can’t seem to stop yourself

The Problem...

Psychology Pie 1

it’s in your head… not on the charts.

There is a BIG Disconnect.

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Learn all the pieces of the system in

5 Interactive Events!

Designed to finally… Delivers Results

5 Live & Interactive Events

"Working with Jared was an exceptional experience. He has helped me overcome mental roadblocks that held me back for years. The sessions with Jared brought my trading performance to a whole new level"
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Alex Raguz
Institutional Trader
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" Jared's work is groundbreaking because it gives you an actual model to implement. This is a huge differentiator. As you evolve as a trader, you'll learn more about yourself and your own individual challenges. Once you have the framework in place, it will always be there for you. This can be applied to any performance field."
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Chris Duhanci
Independent Trader
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"Jared Tendler has consulted to my team and me since 2016. He has played a critical role to help stack probability in favor of success for my organization and me. I feel enlightened with crystal clear thoughts after each session. He is a world-class outlier bringing substantial value and driving elite performance through his transfer of knowledge."
Matt Elliott Horse Jared Tendler 1
Matt Elliott
Professional Horse Better, Edge Stackers Founder
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A 3 step approach to Eliminate Your Problems

Once and for all.

Map Your Pattern

You can’t stop what you can’t see. You need to create a fact-based account of when and how your emotional volatility shows up.


Get to the Root

Identify the real reason behind your mental game problems by digging out the hidden flaws, biases, and illusions causing you to underperform.


Correct Your Problem

Develop a routine and a real-time strategy to relentlessly tackle your problems as they attempt to hijack your performance.


Jared’s proven framework is the result of over 16 years of experience working with high-performance individuals.

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Good team bro

Interactive Workshop

A hands-on experience to identify the roots of your problems and how to effectively correct them. 

  • Connect with a Like-minded Trading Community
  • Collaborate & Exchange Ideas in Exclusive Forums.
  • Ask Questions Live & Help Shape the Direction of the Series

TPM Templates

Learn proven ways to organize your thoughts to turn your emotions into data you can analyze.

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11:30 AM EST on:

    • April 9th
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    • May 7th
    • May 22nd
    • June 4th

We will send everyone a unique Zoom invitation prior to each webinar session

Yes everything will be recorded and students will have lifelong access

Yes each session will have a portion dedicated to QnA and you will be able to ask questions at any time in the exclusive Forum

For each webinar you will receive a workbook to guide your note-taking and homework.

Yes everything will be recorded and students will have lifelong access to watch as many times as you wish.

Jared will be personally guiding you through his system and going into greater detail along with covering additional material.