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11 Best Stan Weinstein Quotes For Traders

Stan Weinstein is a legendary technical analyst and best-selling author. His knowledge of the markets is unparalleled, as he not only edits but also publishes his own institutional newsletter – The Global Trend Alert. 

In his 1988 book, Stan Weinstein's Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets, Stan outlined the principles of Stage Analysis. Stage Analysis is a powerful tool to identify current market conditions.

11 Stan Weinstein quotes for traders and investors.

Volume is a gauge of how powerful the buyers are… Never trust a breakout that isn't
accompanied by a significant increase in

Stan Weinstein

Your probabilities of success are quite low when the market trend is going against you.

Stan Weinstein

Winning teaches you nothing. Losing can be the greatest teacher of all.

Stan Weinstein
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You must learn that the market is a discounting mechanism, and that stocks sell on future and not current fundamentals.

Stan Weinstein

One glance is worth a thousand earnings forecasts. The tape tells all, and our job is to learn how to listen properly.

Stan Weinstein

If you've missed a good stock, don't fret about it. With thousands of listed stocks to pick from, if you miss the first one, another one will soon come along.

Stan Weinstein

If we buy stock XYZ and it advances 20 percent, but stock ABC in the same time period gains 200 percent, we have actually lost profit-making potential. Therefore, what we want to do is to uncover the A+ stocks and play those while leaving the Bs and Cs alone for others.

Stan Weinstein

My studies have consistently shown that two equally bullish charts will perform far differently if one is from a bullish sector while the other breakout is from a bearish group.

Stan Weinstein
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The favorable chart in the bullish group will often quickly advance 50 to 75 percent while the equally bullish chart in a bearish group may struggle to a 5 or 10 percent gain.

Stan Weinstein

Every year there are a few groups that far outpace all others on both the upside and the downside. Don't underestimate the importance of group confirmation. l've seen many chart patterns that were good, but not great, that turned out to be super performers when they had a powerfully bullish sector
behind them.

Stan Weinstein

There's an old saying among technicians:
The bigger the base, the bigger the move… always be on the lookout for a breakout from a very large base formation.

Stan Weinstein

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that one of the real keys to winning is learning how to lose.

Stan Weinstein

No matter how bullish a stock is, don't buy it too late in an advance, when it is far above the ideal entry point.

Stan Weinstein

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