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Plot Daily KMAs

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Plot Weekly KMAs

024 number 3

Label LaunchPads

034 number four

KMA Alert Conditions

045 number 5

10 Week Line on Daily

Custom Color Inputs

DEMA – Daily Exponential Moving Average
DSMA – Daily Simple Moving Average
WMA – Weekly Simple Moving Average
KMAs – Key Moving Averages


Plot Daily KMAs

Plot Daily Simple and Exponential Moving Averages. (8DEMA, 10DSMA, 21DSMA, 23DEMA, 50DSMA, 65DEMA, 200DSMA).


Weekly KMAs

Clearly show labels low relative volume days with a down arrow to interpret constructive price & volume action on your Daily & Weekly Charts.

Custom Color Inputs

Colors are preset to TL Colors however you can choose to update them if you like.


Label LaunchPads

We label our custom LaunchPad criteria with a green diamond shape below the price bar. LaunchPads are formed near powerful directional moves in stock prices. To learn more about LaunchPads check out our Leadership Blueprints Course.


KMA Alerts

You can now track stocks when they resume uptrends or crossover/crossunder our Key Moving Averages. To set alerts Right Click on a Moving Average and select Add Alert.

  1. Head over to
  2. Find TL’s Key Moving Averages (KMAs) & click on it
  3. Click “Add to Favorite Scripts” near the bottom of the page
  4. Click “Indicators” at the very top on TradingView. Under Favorites click the script
Script instructions


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