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The TraderLion Podcast

Episode 6 – Tom Basso

Welcome Back to the TraderLion Podcast. Today as our guest is Tom Basso, a former hedge fund manager who was featured in Jack Schwager’s New Market Wizards

Tom Basso was the founder and President of Trendstat Capital Management where he developed effective trend-following systems which produced extremely consistent returns over many market cycles.

In this interview, we cover many different topics including how to build a trading system, trading psychology, and many other topics.

Tom Basso Book Recommendations

Trend Following Mindset- Covel https://amzn.to/3FqQejr
Successful Traders Size Their Positions – Why and How? https://amzn.to/3DkyAMh
Panic-Proof Investing: Lessons in Profitable Investing from a Market Wizard https://amzn.to/3oGIrrD

0:00 Introductions
0:39 Tom Basso Trading Background
1:30 Tom Basso on First Bull Market
3:13 Tom Basso on Biggest Loss
6:00 Tom Basso on Important Trading Lessons
8:15 Aha Moments
12:50 Honoring your system
15:30 Tom Basso on Journaling your trades
21:00 Super Trader
22:50 Larry Hite Inspiration
25:33 Renaissance Technologies
28:00 Coming up with new Strategies
33:10 Testing Strategies
37:20 Tom Basso talks about Win Rate, Performance Metrics
40:40 Dealing with Stress, Trading Psychology
49:25 Tom Basso’s advice for new Traders

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