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The TraderLion Podcast

Episode 7 – Larry Williams

Welcome Back to the TraderLion Podcast. Today as our guest is Larry Williams a veteran and influential trader and author with over 60 years of experience. He is well known for willing the 1987 World Cup Championship of Futures trading with an incredible 11,300% in one year.

In this interview, we cover many different topics including Larry’s background, methodology, super performance, risk management, entries/exits, and Trading Psychology.

0:00 Introduction
0:40 Larry Williams Trading Background
2:25 Books and Trading Influences
4:45 Relative Strength
6:45 Trading Different Markets, Futures and Commodities
8:15 The Importance of Liquidity
8:56 Significant Turning points in Larry’s Career
11:55 Larry Williams Oops Reversal Setup
13:40 Traders Larry Learned from
15:00 Steve Cohen
16:25 Larry’s Trading Book Recs
19:20 Limiting noise
19:40 Larry William Biggest Loss ever
22:00 Position Sizing Guidelines
24:50 Never Average Down
25:38 Keys of Risk Management
27:00 Use Stop Losses
27:30 How to set a Stop Loss, Position Sizing
28:30 Money Management is key
29:30 How Larry achieved 11,300% in 1 year
31:30 Daughter’s Performance
33:40 The Next trade is a 50% probability
35:31 Larry’s Timeframe
36:19 How Larry interprets price action. Relative Strength
38:40 Larry’s Study of volume
40:00 How Larry Williams uses different timeframes
45:00 Mechanical trend-following indicator
46:30 AAPL Analysis
48:40 Larry Williams Sell Rules
49:20 Larry’s Daily Routine
51:00 The importance of Physical Health
52:30 Athletic Background helps Traders
53:24 Advice for Traders
56:49 Changes to the Market
58:22 Trading Psychology

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