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The TraderLion Podcast

Episode 3 – David Ryan

For the third episode of The TraderLion Podcast, we sit down to talk with David Ryan, a 3X US Investing champion who won the contest in 1985, 1986, and 1987 posting triple-digit returns each year for a compounded 3-year performance of 1,379%

David Ryan was featured in Market Wizards by Jack Schwager along with William O’Neil. David got his start working at William O’Neil & Co and later became the Chief Market Strategist and first Portfolio Manger. He has since run a hedge fund and entered the ETF business.

In this interview, we discuss his journey as a trader, methods for stock selection, entry criteria, and when to sell. We also discuss current leadership stocks and the market.


0:00 Introductions
0:20 David’s Journey, how he got started with the Market
4:45 Joining William O’Neil & Co
6:10 Keep the Market Simple – Look for ideas Around you
9:42 Learning from Bill O’Neil
12:15 Blowing up and Learning from Post Analysis
12:45 Mistake of Buying Extended stocks
14:00 Focus on mastering one setup
14:25 David Ryan’s Timeframe, Holding Periods
17:13 Focus on your process not the results
19:51 Is the Market Different now than in the 1980s
21:56 Keys Concepts learned from O’Neil
27:38 What to do if you are trading poorly
32:08 Post Analysis is Key, Analyze your Mistakes
33:55 How does Lifestyle affect your Trading Methods
38:00 Current Markets and Rotation, Going through Stocks give you a feel for the market
40:16 West Coast Trading
40:31 Daily Routine
41:45 Waiting 10-15 minutes before buying/selling in the morning
43:20 Current Market Conditions and Leaders
43:50 QQQ Action
47:45 NUE CPE Charts
49:30 EOG Chart
50:15 UPST Chart
50:45 How does David Ryan Analyze a Stock Chart
52:30 AMD Stock
55:30 Early Buy Points PWR
56:08 The Relative Strength Line and RS Rating
57:10 PTON Example, Poor RS
1:00:32 You Want a great company and a great stock. they only good companies are the ones that are going up
1:00:55 Concentration into a few stocks
1:05:50 the Bullet and the BB
1:06:00 Being interviewed by Jack Schwager
1:10:19 Reading a chart pattern with David Ryan GNRC
1:15:11 David Ryan Ants Indicator
1:18:30 NET Cloudflare Chart
1:22:59 UPST Chart Analysis
1:23:00 AFRM chart Analysis
1:24:50 COIN Chart Analysis
1:25:22 GBTC Analysis
1:27:30 Study Past Winners to learn how to read charts
1:28:50 Reading Trading books

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