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Trade like a pro in as little time as possible.

Join thousands of traders and investors who trust Private Access to make smarter trades, outperform the market, and grow their portfolios.

Why TraderLion?

Trading is hard.
Private Access makes it easier.

Professional guidance, data-driven insights, and handpicked watchlists to help save you time and make you money.

  • Feel confident and in control
    Daily S&P 500 support & resistance levels to time the market. Know exactly when you should be buying or selling to keep your portfolio making new highs.
  • Easily monitor the best stocks
    Stop spending hours searching for stocks to trade. Private Access gives you a list of the best stocks in the market at any given time, chosen by our experts.
  • Always make informed decisions
    Our experts provide market analysis, annotated charts, walkthrough videos, and real-time portfolio updates.

Get Access to Top Swing Traders

Private access swing trading expert event

Our monthly online meetups allow you to interact with Private Access’ stock market experts on a regular basis.

In addition to the Private Access team, you can get your questions answered live by new guests such as US Investing Champion Oliver Kell , Ryan Pierpont, and Roy Mattox.

The monthly webinars provide an excellent chance to network with a diverse group of stock trading professionals and learn directly from the best of the best.

And a Whole Lot More

TraderLion is dedicated to helping you achieve your trading goals and simply make more money. That’s why Private Access includes features to help you become a better trader.

Top 10 Report

Weekly Top 10 Report & Market Commentary by Portfolio Manager Ross Haber.

Private Twitter

Market commentary, the TL Daily Plan, and interactive posts for members.

Community Forums

Level up your trading with over 1000+ like-minded traders.

University Pass

Receive BIG discounts and early access to all upcoming courses offered through TL University.

Interactive Webinars

Exclusive monthly webinars curated to the needs of TL Private Access members.

Educational Library

Accelerate your learning curve with a 6-part, 32-lesson course that will teach you to trade like a professional.

Choose Your Investment

Trade Smarter

Choose which membership fits you best and start trading with our team of experts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the most frequently asked questions regarding Private Access in the FAQ section below.

When compared to other swing trading platforms, how does Private Access stand out from the crowd?

William O’Neil, creator of IBD® and a famous investor, developed the CAN SLIM® technique to help investors choose the best companies to invest in.

Private Access is the only trading product that not only builds on this foundation, but puts a new and updated spin on it.

We’ve put in more than 40 years of combined trial & error and know exactly what works best, so you don’t have to.

How much educational content do I get when I sign up for Private Access?

When you join, you instantly get access to 100+ hours of educational material.

How does Private Access know which stocks are going to be top performers?

We see the same ingredients over and over again. Stocks with the greatest potential for huge gains are found via a mix of technical and fundamental analysis. You will quickly learn what to look for.

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