X-Ray Vision

X Ray Vision

X-Ray Vision

An exciting new addition for MoneyFlow members has arrived, and its called Levels.

You are about to experience one of the most consistent edges our team has ever developed.

About 4 years ago, we found ordinary option flow & blocks to be for the most part useless. The majority of the flow, while appealing, is just noise.

Study after study after study we continued to refine the flow to only display what matters…but it still wasn’t what we were looking for. While it was much more relevant, you still need to have a good eye to make any use of the data.

We kept innovating until we ended up creating something that was more useful than we could have ever imagined in the first place.

Introducing Levels

It’s like technical analysis with options & blocks combined – or as a member likes to call it “X-Ray Vision”

Enough talking lets dive into some recent examples.

EAT – Levels with Block Trades


Looking at a regular chart, this move may have not been so clear. Pulling up a levels chart is a different story. The Levels are designed to spot institutional interest.

Institutions position themselves within bases and on weakness. They are own to be “base builders”.

We can clearly see, from the chart above where institutions stepped in, eventually resulting in a directional +100% move. What’s great about this example is it’s so clear. There is nothing to look at except for the key levels where institutional interest was high, overlaid over the price action.

MGM – Levels with Options Flow


While the average trader in and around March was panic selling equities, Institutions were stepping in to support the markets. Based on our proprietary filtration criteria, with all of the “noisy” flow removed, except for what matters, you can clearly see the large premium around the $7 level that you want to pay attention to.

MGM went on to move up nearly 200% since.

TTD – Levels with Blocks & Options


Looking at the chart above, the first thing that catches the eye was the big block trade transaction as we retested the prior highs mid-May. The print signifies a jump in institutional interest. Once institutional interest is observed on the levels chart – a countdown ensues for a LARGE directional move in price.

This is the print that initiated the following 83% move.

What is even more interesting is the options chart below…

optionlevelsttd 1

Looking at the Institutional Options Flow (IOF) Levels chart above you can clearly see even after the large move from $300, while TTD was consolidating, it saw increased and repeat institutional interest within its base. This gives you even more conviction.

While the majority of traders are focused on headlines we are focused on Levels.

DKNG – Levels with Blocks & Options


The Institutional Block Trades Levels chart above clearly shows significant interest among institutions from May to June.

Out of all the blocks each and every day, levels shows you the ones that matter the most. Fewer distractions, more focusing on what’s going to make you the money.


As we always say, the blocks and options market together tell a complete story. As DKNG continued it’s basing process, near August 25 our proprietary filtered criteria, which removes “noise” picked up bullish premium.

DKNG later in August and early September got directional.

ZM – Levels with Blocks


The majority of traders were watching this 900% move and thinking “it’s too high”. ZM levels show that is has been a steady institutional interest since the $65 level.

Most have been looking for the next big short instead of riding on the backs of the real market movers.

AMD – Levels with Blocks


Institutions are known to build bases. Based on the Institutional Block Trades Level chart we can clearly see the highest institutional interest around the $55 level from March to July.

We saw repeat institutional block trade activity with the biggest give away being the 8M block in early April, & the block on June 26 on weakness, which goes along with our V1 thesis.

From the feedback so far and the impact it has had on our own trading, the introduction of levels is a step in the right direction.

“I went through 300 charts last night and checked MoneyFlow on some of the bigger moves. The edge is consistent. Very exciting.” – Jimmy S.

“I’m addicted. Had this been available earlier I woulda traded a few of my positions very differently!” – Tom M.

“I started questioning options flow after being a long time user. I had some big trades but always felt lucky…this has added a totally new sense of conviction.” – John C.

“My scanning process has changed forever!! This is really neat stuff. I can easily narrow down my watchlist to 3-5 core stocks each week.” – Lisa P.

This is only the beginning of our quest to make MoneyFlow an absolute weapon. We want to change the entire meaning of “following the flow” and the current gambling aspect it has behind it. The only thing we care about is consistency and to present data-driven statistical studies that show a clear EDGE.

If you made it this far and are thinking about adding these visuals to your process, you can check it out more by clicking here and use the discount code TED40 for 40% off the first-month access price. This code will be open from now until October 11th at 11:59 pm EST.

Thank you for coming to our TED talk.

-TLMoneyFlow Team

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